Berkeley Florida Solicitation Policy

Berkeley, Florida is a non-profit organization comprised of alumni from the University of California, Berkeley, who reside in the state of Florida. This policy outlines the guidelines and regulations for solicitation activities within our organization.


This policy is designed to ensure that all solicitation efforts conducted within Berkeley, Florida align with the organization's mission and values, and primarily focus on causes and events organized or sponsored by our members.

Solicitation Guidelines

1. Member-Centric Focus: Solicitation activities within Berkeley, Florida shall primarily revolve around causes and events that are organized or sponsored by our members.

2. Relevance: All solicitation efforts must be directly relevant to the interests and needs of our members, as well as in alignment with the goals and mission of Berkeley, Florida.

3. Transparency: Any solicitation activity must be transparent about its purpose, the organization it represents (if applicable), and the intended use of the funds or resources being solicited.

5. Non-Commercial (Exception for Member-Owned Businesses): Solicitation should not primarily promote commercial or for-profit ventures, except in cases where the business is owned by a member of Berkeley, Florida. In such cases, solicitation of member-owned businesses is permitted, provided it remains relevant to the interests of our members.

6. Respectful Conduct: Solicitation activities should be conducted in a respectful and courteous manner, without causing any discomfort or annoyance to fellow members.
7, Compliance with Legal Regulations: All solicitation activities must comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding charitable solicitations and fundraising activities.


Failure to adhere to this solicitation policy may result in appropriate actions, including warnings, suspension of membership privileges, or expulsion from Berkeley, Florida communication groups and channels as determined by the organization's leadership.

Review and Updates:

This solicitation policy will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure it remains relevant and effective in meeting the organization's objectives.